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OKR Financial offers a range of investment opportunities across our portfolio of funds with appeal across the investor spectrum from institutions, family offices, and accredited investors to income investors and retail investors looking for portfolio diversification.

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Our Experts

Starting from our roots as a friends and family investment club, OKR Financial has forged it reputation with investors by amassing a world-class team. Today, with a growth aspiration of $100 million in AUM, our leaders combine deep financial and business acumen with a broad network and direct access to a highly-curated deal-flow funnel. Simply put, through our strategic partnerships we see first hand the best opportunities.

Our Team

OKR Family Of Funds

The OKR Financial team is proud to celebrate four years of delivering solid returns for investors and novel, flexible financing solutions for Canadian entrepreneurs.

As we eclipse CDN 73.2M in assets under management. We are pleased to roll out a full slate of options for both investors and borrowers.

Mirroring our fully-subscribed and highly successful original fund, which provides debt financing against receivables from Canadian, US and European government credit programs, OKR Premium Fund II targets accredited investors primarily in the angel and family fund communities. Investors receive a quarterly yield base on an eight per cent preferred return* and a 50 per cent profit share.

Premium Fund II is an eligible investment and as such investors can contribute through their RRSP's and TFSA Plans.

*The Preferred Return is not guaranteed and may not be paid on a current basis in each year or at all.

On 31 December 2018, OKR Financial acquired the PART fund from Pinnacle Wealth Management to expose our investors to a broader range of debt financing opportunities including our traditional government credit-backed plays coupled with leasing, mezzanine, and factor-based debt loans. The Diversified Fund delivers a monthly yield and boasts no exit penalties after the initial 1 year holding period, thereby providing investor liquidity.

The Income Fund offers the retail investor the opportunity to participate in the OKR Financial Canadian government-credit secured debt financing model. Available only through registered wealth managers, the Income Fund allows investors with as little as CDN $10K to invest inside their existing portfolios including inside tax-sheltered RRSP and TFSA plans.

OKR Financial's four-year track record of success and substantial growth in AUM is attracting significant interest from institutions like larger family offices and pensions fund managers. To meet that demand OKR Financial created The Institutional Fund, which applies our Canadian government credit-backed debt financing model to a fund targeting placements at a minimum of CDN $1MM.

  • Institutional Fund I is a pure profit share model with investors receiving 75 per cent of profits after management fees and expenses.
  • Institutional Fund II carries a 12 per cent Preferred Return* and 40 per cent of profits to investors after management fees and expenses.

*The Preferred Return is not guaranteed and may not be paid on a current basis in each year or at all.

The OKR Difference

Like you, we're entrepreneurs. We understand the pain of trading equity for capital. You don't have to dilute your ownership to grow and thrive. We'll work with you to explore all the optons.
Randy Thompson, Partner

Le Financement de la dette

...comme une opportunité pour aider les entreprises à croître sans dilution.
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